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Our Story

More than Great Food

Rosemarie's Cucina is a small family-owned restaurant in the heart of downtown Clinton, NJ, serving authentic Italian American cuisine, specialty Brick Oven Pizza Neapolitan style, seafood, and sweet and savory baked goods.


Chef Paul Liscio, formerly Chef/Owner of La Casa Bianca in Whitehouse Station for 25 years, personally prepares each dish. We use all DOP and organic products, bake our bread with flour imported from Naples, and jar our own Sunday gravy, soups, and jellies. 


Marie Reres, the owner, formerly an attorney/stay-at-home Mom, bakes from scratch each day. Her specialties include three-layer cakes, homemade cannoli, strudel, and other assorted pastries and cookies; she can custom bake any whole cake with a 24-hour notice.


Rosemarie's Cucina was named in honor of Marie's mom, Rosemarie.


Marie's two daughters, Sara and Christina, can often be seen at Rosemarie's making a cappuccino, tossing a pizza, or answering the phone. 


We are proud to partner with local coffee roasters and brew each cup fresh for you.


As Rosemarie used to say in her Brooklyn home, "A lot of good things come out of this little kitchen!"

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